In Memoriam

Many thanks from the Nagi family to everyone who helped plan and spoke at my father’s memorial.  Special thanks to Dick Haller, a colleague and long-time friend for his support in planning the gathering.  We are indebted to Osman Shinaishin, John Melvin, Charles Herrmann, Hoda Rashad, Seheir Kansouh Habib, Jerry Pankhurst, Dick Jackson, Jacques Baudot, Laith Khalaf and Alexandria Rogers for their rememberances.  Videos of the memorial speeches can be found at:

April 30, 2017 – On the occasion of my father’s 92nd birthday, the Nagi family would like to convey our sincere appreciation to the many family, friends, colleagues and students who have been a part of my father’s life and with whom we have been in touch since he passed away.  The quality of his life and ours has owed so much to your presence in it.  I know that my father shares this sentiment.  He is still with us in a million ways and he would be grateful for the kindness that has been shown to us.  Happy birthday Dad!

It was wonderful to see and hear from so many of you at his memorial gathering.  Click on the In Memoriam page for links to videos of the speakers.  We are grateful that we continue to hear from people who knew or knew of my father.  Please feel free to contact us at  We would love to hear from you.

April 30, 1925 – February 9, 2017 – In Memoriam

It is with great regret that I report that my father, Dr. Saad Z. Nagi, passed away at home on February 9, 2017, at the age of 91.  He lived an extraordinary life of deeply-felt purpose.  Beginning with his pioneering and enduring efforts in disability and health care policy, my father’s body of work was devoted to issues of social justice on many levels.  He continued his efforts with a ground-breaking study in the field of child maltreatment.  His interests later expanded into the dynamics of ethnic nationalism, social movements and developing societies.  His study on poverty in Egypt was the first of its kind. It remains the only scientific study of its kind throughout the Middle East.  His final work, proposing an international organization to aid nations in developing democratic institutions was a project of great importance to him and will be made available posthumously.

The common thread throughout my father’s professional life has been the conviction that to educate oneself and to be treated with dignity in life are human rights.  He was a lifelong educator and seeker of knowledge and took great pleasure in interacting with students, colleagues, family and friends from every corner of the world.  His own narrative was one of dignity, humility and integrity in his personal conduct and respect and compassion for others.

We, his family, would be appreciative (as would he be) of any remembrances or reminiscences from his former students, colleagues, family members and friends close to home and scattered around the globe.  Please email at if you are so inclined.  We would love to hear from you.